MFOS SV-VCF. At this point in the build I've checked that all +/- rails are not shorted and also receive the correct input voltatge. This is done prior to placing any IC chips on PCB

front panel and parts for MFOS SV- VCF

Extra holes drilled on custom fabricated (in my garage!) PCB mounting plates for wire tie points

coax with shield extension wire

connecting the first pot: audio IN. Using shielded coax to help reduce crosstalk/interferance from circuit and other wires.

coax for input audio signal with shield extension wire

Music from Outer Space (MFOS) State Variable Voltage Controlled Filter

Wiring going very slowly but well enough

extra drill holes on mounting plate for wire ties.

jack wiring. all audio i/o connections will have a coax with shield bonded to metal frame/earth ground

the two potentiometers on the left are wired without shielded wire because they are non-audio portions of circuit.

MFOs State Variable Voltage Controlled Filter (12dB/Octave)