D-Space Studios Electronics DiY Projects 2005-2019 :

» 0-building-modular-synths
» Baumans_1272Clone-2005
» Baumans_1272Clone-SwitchRework-2014
» Carnhill_1272_rebuild_API312-2014
» Carnhill_based_1272-2007
» DAW-Mixer-Design-Stages
» GSSL-dual-2005
» GroupDIY51X-PSU-2010
» Gyraf_1176_dual-2005
» Gyraf_Dual_PEQ_Equalizer-2005
» JLM-Audio-Based-9Channel-preampRig-2010-2011
» MC77_purple_audio-build-2009
» MIDIbox-LPC17-core
» MIDIbox-hybrid-controller-2006
» Retro_FX_rig-2005
» gear-pics-insides-outsides
» lpc1769BoardPics
» studio-gear-notes
» various-circuit-and-layout

What is photo logged here are mostly Do It Your Self (DiY) studio electronics projects.
It's all learned and there is nothing for sale on this site.

That being said, I'd like to provide links to those forums and companies that have been particularly helpful in achieving what I made so far.

Checkout Group DiY Forum for more info about the professional audio projects (Gyraf GSSL, 1176, PEQ).

The DiY Modular Synthesizer is an ongoing project with much being learned from inhabitants of this forum Muff's Modules and More who can be very informative and helpful!

MIDI implementations learned from MIDIbox/UCapps uCAapps.de   MIDIbox Forums

Front panels designed by Jay in Front Panel Express CAD and then manufactured by Front Panel Express.

Most of the enclosures by Par-metal Products, NJ, USA.

Some of my other design projects